New collection for the "Little Doll Bruxelles"

I'm happy to inform you that my designs will be presented on Jolie Doll's booth during the festival Little Doll in Bruxelles.

This is a new event in Brussels (Belgian) which is dedicated to doll world and well organized by the fabulous team Kakemono.

As always for a festival, I'm trying to sew something special. This year, my theme is "Antique Skull". I don't know if I have chosen the theme because halloween is coming soon but I wanted to do something darker that usual.

For that collection, I was inpsired by cliparts from Etsy that I bought last week.

I think this is the darkest collection that I have ever sewed.
This collection will be for Pullip and Taeyang Dolls. I think the cliparts fit very well the 2 genders.

Please find an extract of fabrics I made for them. I will receive the fabrics next week. I'm so excited as always I order new custom fabrics.

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  1. Congratulations on being featured in the show. You must be very excited working with your new fabrics. I look forward to seeing your latest creations! xo Jennifer