Here they are ^^

The fabric has arrived earlier than I expected.
So I'm so happy to show the new dresses.

This is a part of the collection which will be displayed during the Little Doll Bruxelles (LDB).

Now I'm working on t-shirts for Taeyang with the same designs in order to propose a perfect couple of oufits for both genders.

For people who can't come to LDB, I propose a very limited nuber of dresses on Etsy and on my internet boutique.

So which is your favorite dress ?

2 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful, as always! My favorite dress is the black one with only two skulls. I like the stripes around the waistline and the black bow. I hope you'll make Taeyang t-shirts for your Etsy shop. Cool Taeyang clothes are very difficult to find. xo Jennifer

  2. Vraiment je les adore ces imprimés ! et j'ai bien eu du mal à choisir quand j'ai voulu m'acheter une des 3 robes: finalement j'ai opté pour la 2e ^^